Suzette Castro is a Canadian visual artist concentrating on POP CULTURE IDOLS and CUSTOM PET PORTRAITS. Her style stems from the world of pop art, capturing a wide range of emotions, in both her human and animal portraits.

She was born and raised in Toronto, ON, however in 2020 choose to relocated from condo in the city to home and studio at the Beach (Woodland) in Tiny, ON. Artistic creativity has always been a major part of her life. She was a career graphic designer until 2012, when she rediscovered her passion for painting portraits on canvas. In the past she experimented with oils, water colour, pen and ink and pastels, before opting for acrylics on canvas as her medium of choice. From her usual smooth brush strokes to her latest expressive realism using palette knives.

Her Rockstar Collection was painted while listening to the music of her subject matter, which she says gets her in the zone - energized, focused and inspired. Suzette’s love of animals and attention to detail work as she captures their essence and personality making her pet portraits come to life on canvas.